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Phyllis Ensley Photography

Due to the extremely large quantity of picture taken at a show, we do not automatically put them up on the web. In fact, we highly recommend that you take the time to view your pictures at the show, we provide 6-12 viewing stations for our customers to view their pictures. This provides easy viewing of the hundreds of pictures per dog without having to wait on webpages to load. We can help you put your pictures in a folder and we deliver your digital CD or Flashdrive right at the show.

We do understand that some people cannot stay to look at their pictures or the owners were not at the show and need to view them online. That’s ok. We will put them up for you. If you put them in a folder, then we can upload your folder so you don’t have to look through everyone’s pictures. If you did not put them in a folder, then we will put up your class. Email us with the show, your breed, the days that you showed, your class and if you won your class or went to groups, dog or bitch, and we will put your classes up online. We will also email you a link so you will know when they are up.

When you decide what you want to order, I recommend you emailing us directly instead of ordering off the website. If you email us, we can give you show pricing, most of the time saving you a lot of money.


When requesting classes from conformation to be uploaded, please include the show, your breed, the days that you showed, your class and if you won your class or went to groups, and if you showed a dog or bitch.


When requesting agility classes to be uploaded, please include your breed, the classes (Standard, JWW, T2B or Fast), your class: Excellent/Masters, Open or Novice, the jump height, the days that you ran. And any other information that will help us identify your dog.

Make us your National photographer

We do it all! Win shots, movement shots, performance events, everything. Contact us for more information.


Nationals Photo Galleries

Past nationals will be uplaod by request. Please email us to see your pictures. We still have pictures all the way to 2014.